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Tower's Ghosts

The History of the Tower of London is both bloody and cruel. Which is why the Tower of London is considered to have the largest amount of ghosts in England. The Bloody Tower, Traitors Gate and the dungeon called the 'Little Ease' provide an indication of some of the events which may have taken place in the Tower of London and what has led to so many stories of ghosts and haunting.
Five of the seven famous people executed are reputed to haunt the Tower of London. All fit the perfect description and definition of ghosts. The five famous ghosts of people who were executed within the walls of the Tower of London were:

·         The Ghost of Anne Boleyn
·         The Ghost of the Countess of Salisbury
·         The Ghost of Catherine Howard
·         The Ghost of Jane Rochford
·         The Ghost of Lady Jane Grey

All died violently, traumatically and tragically. Other famous ghosts were prisoners in the Tower of London and who were subsequently executed  include:

·         The Ghost of Guy Fawkes
·         The Ghost of Sir Walter Raleigh

Other famous Tower of London ghosts include those who were murdered in the Tower. These murders are often mysterious but always violent, traumatic and tragic. These famous Tower of London ghosts who were murdered include:

·         The Ghost of Thomas Becket
·         The Ghost of King Henry VI

Witnesses at the Tower of London have also reported 'anonymous' ghosts. These Tower of London Ghosts are simply referred to as the 'Gray Lady' and the 'White Lady'. Names which reflected the appearance of the apparition.  The ghost of the ' Gray Lady' has been described as a woman in mourning garments. A black void is where her face should be. A phantom squad of ghost soldiers has also been sighted marching in the grounds of the Tower of London.



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